Things I Haven’t Done

I’m in my forties and I’ve never:

1. Ridden the Orient Express
2. Meditated in India (or anywhere else)
3. Been to China
4. Parented a teenage girl (but I’m getting close)
5. Raised a boy (I’m so not getting close)
6. Had dinner with Sting (but I saw him on the Today Show while putting in my miles on the elliptical)
7. Climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro (probably never will)
8. Wallpapered a room (or a even a wall)
9. Been to a UFC fight
10. Baked a wedding cake
11. Belted it out in a karaoke bar (no one needs to hear me sing)
12. Made pottery of any kind
14. Had my appendix out
15. Been to Africa

East African Sunset      ID 24704 (click to view)

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16. Seen polarbears in Alaska

image courtesy of webweaver

17. Been on a cruise
18. Had a book published
19. Trained a puppy
20. Watched Two And A Half Men
21. Been camping with the girls
22. Been stung by a scorpion (saw one in my living room last week though)


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What are some things you’ve never done?

Mama’s Losin’ It

Bring On The Rain

I’ve always loved the rain. Rain and thunderstorms. Snuggling in covers with rain slamming into the windows, thunder crashing and lightning flashing – my favorite sleeping weather. But in all my years of living in California I only heard thunder half a dozen times. Apparently thunder is not part of the Southern California weather repertoire….

Malibu in October – WW

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We went to Los Angeles this past weekend. When we drove across the state line into California, Katie said, yay! We’re in California. Our real home. We stayed with friends, visited, chatted, caught up, ate, played and to complete our refreshing weekend, we went to the beach. Blue skies, pounding surf, mid 80s temperature, and…


Temporary house. Not our furniture. Not our bed. Not our home. Unmoored, adrift, caught between tides, struggling to reach the shore. Opening the door to another empty stucco house. Another cold, tile floor. Another shiny granite counter top. More exactly the same. No warmth. Not me. Someone else’s lost home. Not my family’s home. Fighting…

Decorating With Parasol Chandelier – WW

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The parasol chandelier collection that hangs over the Parasol Bar at the Wynn Casino in Vegas is just too good to leave in a casino. Let’s put it in a house! Where would you place it in your home? />

The Country Squire That Saved Our Lives

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The green vinyl back of the front seat is icy against my hand as we slide to a thumping, abrupt stop in the snow drift. I see him in slow motion. Straight through the windshield of a mini van. Flying right by my window. My mittens come off.  The carpet is damp as I scramble…

Fresh & Easy Chocolate Fudge Cake – Review

I discovered Fresh & Easy (a subsidiary of a the British chain Tescos) when we moved to Las Vegas. I’d seen them before in Los Angeles, but we didn’t have one near us so I ‘d never shopped at one. Now, I pass one several times a day. It’s fresh. No fake anything. It’s pretty…